Allen Durwood Neie

Allen Durwood Neie
Allen Durwood Neie

Allen Durwood Neie, 88, of Amarillo, TX died October 29, 2020.

Graveside services will be held at 2:00 PM, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, at the Dumas Cemetery with Greg Corona and Dede Schuler Ballou officiating. Visitation will be Sunday, November 1st, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Boxwell Brothers Funeral Home in Amarillo. Arrangements are by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd.

Durwood was born on October 29, 1932 in Hamilton County, TX to Arthur and Hayden Neie. He was a brother to Van Neie and the late Maevlyn Neie Wilson. After being discharged from the Army he married Doris “Dink” McMurry of Dumas, TX, in 1958. They were married for over fifty years.

Durwood was loved by many because he loved so generously. His kindness was infectious, and he considered serving others a great blessing. A million cookies were baked in the kitchen at 6706 Gainsborough and delivered to many grateful recipients. He loved sports of all kinds (tolerated hockey and soccer) and thought Mookie Betts was the best name he had ever heard of in professional baseball.

He was devoted to his faith, good humor, and most of all, his family. Never one to seek the spotlight, Durwood changed many lives by simply deciding everyday to be a good, decent, and honest person.

He succeeded at all three.

He is survived in death by his daughter, Susan Neie Carr of Amarillo, TX, grandson, Jase Carr of Amarillo, TX, brother Van Neie and wife Marilyn of West Lafayette, IN, and by a large, extended family and countless friends.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the American Cancer Society or a charity of your choice would be appreciated.

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  1. Durwood peddled many a bottle of AH Robbins pharmaceuticals to the panhandle. He was a good man, loyal friend. It’s uncanny how often I’d see him at the hospital, visiting friends.
    I smile just thinking of him.

  2. Everytime I saw him, he was always such a joy.
    His smile, humor, and faithfulness won’t be forgotten. I can’t wait to see him again.

  3. There are no words. Every time I try to talk about my Uncle Durwood, one of the best people I know, my eyes tear up and I get a huge lump in my throat. Durwood married into a huge family, bless his heart! Every child in the house wanted Durwood to play with them. It was rare to see him without a baby in his arms. Oh! How I loved that man. I was 4 years old when Dink and
    married. He and Dink were the perfect couple. My Daddy had been killed tragically in April before Dink and Durwood married in July. My sister was 7. My Mother was injured and in bed for several weeks. She was Dink’s oldest sister. Dunk and Durwood scooped us up and took us home with them. Who would’nt just love being with those two!!? I’ve been told that Durwood said that no one should be without a Dad. He told Dink he was going to be our substitute Dad.
    That was 64 years ago. My Uncle Durwood kept his word many times over. I learned so much from him. Since we lived in different towns, we had to use the telephone. I would say we talked at least a total of two hours a week. It’s been really odd, at least a couple of times a week I’ve thought “I want to call Durwood, and then sadly I have to remember he’s not here.” BUT I do know where he is! He is with His Savior, The King of Kings!!! Thank you, Durwood for showing a lost 4 year old little girl how to love! I will love you forever. Please wait for me at The Gate!

  4. Durwood and I had a friendship for over 64 years. Even though I lived in Houston, we stayed in touch and I would call on his birthday. As I said on an earlier email, they don’t make them like him anymore. Everything that has been said here is so true. I will miss him! Losing my best friends is not a good thing.
    God bless and I will remember you forever and even talk to you because I know you are listening.

  5. Durwood will be missed in our neighborhood. I enjoyed getting to know and visit Durwood and will miss him as a neighbor. So sorry for your families loss.

  6. Will, thank you for telling me about how Dad made you feel so welcomed and like you immediately had a good friend at church. I heard lots of sweet things about my dad last night; your story was one of the most special to me. Thank you for telling me how much Dad meant to you. I will never forget your kind words.

  7. when i first came to church in amarillo the church where i have been blessed to call home for 5 years durwood was the first person who came up to me and welcomed me and gave me a hug. he was the first friend i made at church and was always very loving to me and everyone he met. i sure am going to miss his smile and hugs every sunday.

  8. I have such fabulous memories of the Neil’s when I taught Susan voice in the late 70’s. They were both just fabulous people. I was on Facebook with Durwood in his last years. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see him more. Susan has been the treasure of their lives along with her son. I know this has been a very difficult time for both of them. I love u Susan and treasure my memories of your Dad and ur Mom. RIP DURWOOD! Mary Jane Johnson

  9. I have heard that one can choose his friends but not his relatives. I feel so blessed that I had Durwood as a relative (first cousin). If we weren’t related, I would certainly have chosen him as a friend. Susan and Jase, I know you have a big empty space in your hearts but be assured that Durwood has just begun to live. He is HOME.

  10. A man of stellar character and faith. I can honestly say he was THE nicest man I have ever met. Good job, faithful servant. You will be missed.

  11. Susan and Jase,
    We have such fond memories of this special man! Durwood was always kind and a pleasure to visit with, regardless of where and when we visited spontaneously. His legacy of loving people and life is a treasure! Love and Prayers in this difficult time for both of you. Louise & Glen

  12. Durwood was kind, thoughtful, encouraging and funny. I am so glad our paths crossed many times over the years. Susan and Jace I’m sorry for your loss. You were so blessed to have him a as dad and granddad.

  13. Durwood was one of the kindest, most generous, and unselfish people I ever knew. He was always doing for others. He made 2 pies nearly every week for our senior bible study. He would always bring homemade ice cream at our social events. He would take friends to Dallas to see the doctor or take people to the grocery store. He would cook dinner for you when you were sick or had surgery. He was best known for his cookies. The last time he brought me cookies (just a few weeks ago) he told me he made over 200 cookies in two days. He brought me 16 wonderful cookies. I loved everyone of them. He will truly be missed for his kindness and caring for others. I am happy he will be united with Dink but we will miss him.

  14. Dink and Durwood were like a second family to Terri and I growing up. Durwood always visited our dad when he was in the hospital. Our love and thoughts go out to Susan and family.

  15. I got to know Durwood through volunteering. He was the kindest, sweetest man, always brought his homemade goodies and gave the best hugs! This world needs more Durwoods. He will definitely be missed.

  16. I am so proud to have called this man “1st cousin”. He was an inspiration to us all. We will miss his wit, his wise counsel and most of all, his presence. But we all know that he is looking down and smiling at his many friends.

  17. Durwood was such a great man and cousin. I never forget the visit he made in our home in Hamilton. The times we spent in Plainview at my aunt Hayden and uncle Arthur. Was such great time.

  18. Durwood was part of our family and will be truly missed. He kept us supplied with many batches of Mr Durwood cookies it what our grandson always called them. He was one in a million and people today could of learn a lot from this man

  19. It was always a pleasure to see Durwood when he came to see the drs about his pharmaceuticals he peddled. Have missed seeing him for many years. Dink and Durwood were some of the best people around.

  20. Though I didn’t know Durwood personally, I knew of him through his beautiful daughter and grandson. They are certainly living legacies of “good, decent and honest”. Love and Light to Susan and Jace and all who knew and loved Durwood in this earthly plane.

  21. Durwood was a true friend! All who came in contact with him was blessed. He loved our Lord, his family & friends. RIP my friend.

  22. It goes without saying that Durwood was one special, steady and admired member of his family. His general easy going patience and sense of humor was a testament and a joy to all of us. There are many words and not enough words to describe what he meant to all of us. He loved kids and couldn’t resist holding or playing with kids. Every child in our family was the recipient of his influence. He gave so much to everyone that being around him always set an example of a true man of God. Claudia immediately thought of “Good and faithful servant”. That partly describes him because he was and forever will be a tremendous influence in our lives. I probably wont ever see another dip of ice cream or watch a good football game and not think about Durwood. Thank you God for this great man.

  23. My heartfelt condolences to family and friends. Durwood made many deliveries of his wonderful baked goods to my parents Fred and Peggy. He is remembered fondly for his thoughtful and kind friendship he so freely gave. He will be missed

  24. Lots of fun times playing bridge with Dink and Durwood. Then as time moved on, Facebook and seeing him shopping in United. Will miss his happy hello.

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