Benjamin Charles Tucker


Benjamin Charles Tucker
Benjamin Charles Tucker

Benjamin Charles Tucker, 24, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at his home in Blue Ridge, TX.  Ben was born in Amarillo, TX on October 14, 1997. He graduated from Canyon High School and owned and operated Valiant City Restoration.

Ben will forever be remembered for his joyful presence and generous character.  He was a stranger to no one and always the life of the party.  From a very young age, he displayed immense drive and passion in anything he set his mind to.  Full of talent and hard work he would accomplish his goals and seek new ones at every opportunity.

Ben always felt that his true purpose in life was to protect and watch over his mom and sisters as well as many other family and friends. Although Ben is not with us today, his presence is with everyone that he touched, and he will continue to watch over them.

Ben’s spirit will be forever cherished by his entire family. He is preceded in death by his grandfather Charles Steven Green and survived by his best friend and grandmother Ana Green, along with his other grandparents Doug and Lynn Hooker, Tommy and Ginger Tucker, his parents Amy Thompson and Don Thompson, Charles Tucker and Paige Tucker; his siblings: Alizabeth Posadas, Gracie Tucker, Abrham Posadas, Shaun Mentaberry, Madeleine and Aiden Lewis, Seth Thompson, and a niece Delilah Posadas.  In addition, Ben is survived by numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins and leaves a long list of friends who will forever miss him.  Ben was also anticipating his biggest blessing of all – a sweet new baby, due this October.

Like the song says, “I believe them when they say you are in a better place.  You had a wild side, but you had amazing grace”.

Services honoring Ben’s life will be held on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd,  Amarillo, TX at 2:00 PM.

In lieu of flowers the family requests donations in honor of Ben Tucker to or Snack Pack for Kids  at

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  1. Although I only knew Ben for a minute, the moment he knocked on my door to ask about my roof I knew he was different. He had a way about him. I hired him and have never been more impressed with a person’s attention to detail, communication, expertise, and responsiveness. He was incredible! I know he was proud of and loved his family – he would show me pictures on his phone. I admired his drive and ingenuity. I know there is a huge hole in many hearts — prayers for all of Ben’s family and friends.

  2. Ben was a friend and wonderful neighbor. His smile and engaging personality are imprinted in my memory. He looked after his family, friends, and neighbors; always willing to join in and help. He was part of our little community on Morgan Road in Blue Ridge.

    Ben loved speed. Running with buddies on the street, racing at speedways, and spinning donuts. He was accomplished professionally, even at a young age. He was bonded with nature. He liked being outdoors; whether walking in the woods or Colorado, fishing at the lake, or grilling in his back yard for friends. He loved animals and adored his buddy Pecos.

    One of my fondest memories was the gathering at his home last July 4, 2021. Lots of food, fun, singing, and fireworks! I was honored to be included. These are just a few fond memories that I will carry with me.

    My heart goes out to Ben’s family. While I only knew him for a short time, he will always be a part of my life. He will be missed, every day.

  3. Though I only knew Ben way early in his life I will never forget how he was. As a little boy around the age of three he had a strong connection with our black horse Leroy, and for a while he even rode Leroy in playdays all around the area. I remember once going to a playday with he and his family and helping him get on his horse by showing him how to climb over from the tailgate of the truck. He was so young back then you really had to listen close because his words were not fully developed but he was just a cool little guy. I can only imagine the great person he became as he got older, with parents like Chuck and Amy I have no doubt they showed him the correct path. I wish you all the best in these troubled times, no words can express how hard it is, and no one can truly feel as you all do. Please know you have people who care about you all and are here for you all.

  4. My deepest sympathies to Bens family and friends. We were blessed to have Ben join our Morgan Road neighborhood when he moved to Blue Ridge TX. He was happy and so excited to live out in the country on his own acreage. He enjoyed learning new things and how to take care of his property. Ben was always willing to help others. The last time I spoke with Ben he was so excited to be a father and being married. He was so proud of his accomplishments and family. Ben will be missed. May God bring his peace and comfort during these trying times to everyone that knew Ben.

  5. Ben was like a son to me. My heart is broken for him. I am praying for Ana, Amy, Gracie, and Beth. I am also very thankful for Don, the rock. There are no words to say how sorry I am. I love you all and will hold you close to my heart for ever. Much love. Sue

  6. Well… there isn’t ENOUGH that can be said about this great young man. He had the world by the tail. As he got older – he understood to keep his circle tight and small… I am so so glad that I took the time every week to tell him how proud of him I was – staying calm – cool head – and thoughtful. I told him every week How much I loved him – and ta stay focused! Together – we made great things happen and he knew we had his back to realize his dream…

    Ben I cannot tell you enough now how much I miss talking to you everyday – how special I know we were to each other – and what roles we played in each other’s lives.

    I am the one that is blessed beyond measure to have had the opportunity to have you In my life as though you my own son…Gods Speed and Peace – you made your mark buddy ❤️‍🔥

  7. Amy and girls I’m so so sorry. I know your sweet boy was bigger than life and always The Life of the Party!!!! I have heard so many funny stories about Ben Tucker!!!
    My heart breaks for you all and I will certainly be praying for you all.
    Deana Bedwell Barnett

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