Clare Paige Miller

On the 22nd of June 2022, Clare Paige Miller, passed away at the age of 70, surrounded by people that loved her. As with my father’s obituary, I requested to write this one in hopes to share the enormity of what the world has lost.


Although I only knew my mother for half her life, the time I did have with her was astonishing. She continuously created beauty in the world, whether through her originality

Clare Paige Miller
Clare Paige Miller

or through her kindness. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that disagrees.


Mom had a heart so big, it could have crushed this town. She was a constant example of how to treat others, always willing to put herself second, just to brighten someone else’s day. Throughout our lives, she gave me and my sister everything, even if it took a little piece of her in the process. When we had children of our own, she doubled down, finding any reason, occasion, or holiday to send us care packages, complete with handwritten notes.


In addition to her kind-heartedness, Mom was also an extremely talented artist. She always had a vision for something new, whether it be a fully beaded pair of Chuck Taylors, or a coffee table made from an old door and bowling balls. She created countless pieces and put them out into the world for others to enjoy. Our homes, our friends’ homes, and the homes of many strangers are filled with the fruits of her labor.


During the last couple of years of her life, Mom battled cancer, fighting it her way, even in the face of extreme adversity. She stood her ground, and never backed down, knowing that some days are diamonds, and some are rocks. While fighting this battle, she still found time to save a hundred-year-old farmhouse slated for destruction, moving it across town and slowly building it back into a home. This is just who she was.


I am privileged to have spent the last few days with Mom before her death, recounting our favorite stories, talking about what we want to be in our next life, and sharing excitement over my forthcoming second child, who, unfortunately, will never get to meet her. She faced all of this fearlessly, knowing that sometimes life will get you down, break your heart, and steal your crown.


Mom, it has been the honor of my life to be your son. Now that you’re gone, I hope you find your peace, among the wildflowers and somewhere you feel free. You and I will meet again. When we’re least expecting it. Somewhere in some far-off place. I will recognize your face. I won’t say goodbye my friend, for you and I will meet again.


What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing. I do find comfort in the idea that somewhere, there is a seagull flying along a beautiful beach, taking in the sunset, and wearing a tie-dyed shirt.


Clare Paige Miller was born in 1952 to Gene and Marceille Miller. She is survived by her Sister, Brooke Bucy; her Daughter, Logan Dawson; Son, Decklan McGee; Granddaughters, Lily Auzenne and Ruby Dawson; and Grandson William McGee. In lieu of a service, we ask that you take a moment to reflect on your favorite story about Mom and pass on some kindness in the world.

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  1. Logan I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I also was in yoga with her and Elaine. She was such a gentle spirit and I will miss her! She was so proud of you and your girls! I heard lots about Decklan too and she was very proud of him! I hope to see you again Logan!

  2. Our sincere condolences to you Deklan , Logan and your family. We became acquainted with you and your mom at Austin middle school.
    Being orchestra moms. What a sweet sincere woman she was. Definitely most down to earth. May your memories of your mom always warm your heart and bring a smile to your life

  3. Rest in Peace my dear, sweet friend. Paige and I were the best of friends, all through Amarillo High School and were college roommates at West Texas State University in Canyon. Paige was a bridesmaid in my wedding and her Mom, Marky made all of the bridesmaid’s dresses. Alot of talent Paige inherited from her Mom indeed. Paige even taught me how to drive my first stick shift car, which was her VW bug, that we nicknamed “201”. What a fun experience that was! To all of her family, my heart goes out to all of you. You will be missed by so many, sweet Paige. Love and Big Hugs to all of you. Love, Debbie Evans Ernst

  4. Oh my word, I’m simply crushed. Paige and I were friends all thru school and were Steppers together, both of us got in on our first tryout, standing next to each other always because of our height, roommates at summer stepper camp in N.M. both years. We visited thru college and would get together occasionally thru the years until about 5 years ago when she showed up at my sister’s funeral. After that we’d catch up more often. Our last in person visit we ate tacos at Taco Villa in Canyon and she was close to finishing the house and moving out of the trailer. She showed me all around and was so excited. She gave me some trinkets and a basket I still use. I was going to be in the panhandle next week and planned on calling to see if she’d be home and I could see the finished house.
    As we talked we talked kids and grandkids. She was so much in love with her family. Paige was one of those friends that has a place in your heart forever. I’m so sorry for this incredible loss you are experiencing. She was one of the very best!!

  5. I can’t believe that someone that I truly loved and who has been in my life since first grade is now gone. We were friends for years, but we bonded over antiques and junk. I loved her out-of-the-box creativity and her amazing artistic talent. I have been trying so hard to get in touch with her since I lost my phone and her number. Now I’m coming to terms with the idea that I have lost her in this life completely. I send my love to her family. Hugs to you all.

  6. I also had no idea she was ill. She never mentioned it. I think that shows what kind of person she was, more concerned with other people’s problems than her own. She was a terrific cousin and I’ll miss her.

  7. To Logan and Decklan and all of Paige’s Family:

    Your mom was one of a kind. She embodied the best qualities anyone could hope to possess in this short life: kindness, generosity, and an open heart and mind. Paige and I first met in yoga class and became “yoga buddies,” but over time shared many stories and views on life. Paige was a light in this world.

  8. Oh, my goodness! I am so sorry to hear this. I did not realize that Paige was ill. I saw her and visited in Home Depot – probably a year ago. I know that she was a very loving and sensible person, and this is a beautiful tribute to her. Paige attended my mother’s memorial service in 2019, and I appreciated that so much. Of course, anyone in my generation or older knows that my mother, her cousin, loved to tell about Paige being the flower girl in my parents’ wedding in 1955! Truly, my condolences are with all of the family.

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