Jack Edward Goddard

Jack Goddard
Jack Goddard

Jack Edward Goddard,65, passed away on June 2, 2022.
Jack Edward Goddard was married to Shelia Cates for 27 years. They met a Midnight Rodeo a country-western hall. They have seen Willie Nelson and other singers. Shelia and Jack have had some very interesting travel experiences. They have been as far south as Tahiti, and as far east as Istanbul. They bought Shelia’s wedding rings in Athens. In Istanbul, they have been to the spice market, where one of Sean Connery’s James Bond Movies had been made. He worked for Patrick Plumbing heating and air, as an HVAC tech and Plumber, and was retired at the time of death.
He is preceded in death by his parents and brother-in-law Dennis Stamp.
He is survived by his wife Shelia Cates Goddard. Sisters; Deborah Stamp, and Sharon Goddard; nephew, John Goddard; and nieces, Jaclyn and Heather Stamp.

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