James Ray McGee

James Ray McGee
James Ray McGee

On Aug. 15, 2020, my Father, James Ray McGee, 71, passed away shortly after meeting his only Grandson for the first time. I requested to write this obituary so the world can know what we have lost.

I have only just started to settle Dad’s estate, but in doing so, I have learned more about the man than I ever knew before, as anyone who has experienced digging through a deceased loved one’s belongings can attest.

Those of you who had the pleasure of meeting Dad know how mule-headed and stubborn he could be. He and I rarely agreed on anything. Those of you that had the pleasure of really knowing Dad also know he would not hesitate to give you the shirt off his back, solid advice, his car, and gas money. Over the years, Dad taught me an entire lifetime of knowledge. The most common thing I have heard from people offering their condolences is that Dad told good stories and taught them something new. This is how I hope he will always be remembered.

Losing a loved one causes you to reflect on the life of the one lost and how they impacted you in different ways. Four short months ago, I too became a father. I am only now realizing how my experiences with my Father, both good and bad, are shaping my son’s experiences with me. Dad spent my whole life preparing me for this moment. In death, he is still teaching me new things every day.

Dad, you taught me more than I was ever able to thank you for while you were alive. I hope you realized how much I appreciated having you in my life. Thank you for holding on long enough to meet my son. I am forever your son and one of your biggest fans. D

James Ray McGee was born in 1949 to Ray and Wylie McGee. He is survived by my Mother, Paige Miller; his Daughter, Logan Dawson; Son, Decklan McGee; Granddaughters, Lily Auzenne and Ruby Dawson; and Grandson, William McGee. In lieu of a service, we ask that you take the time to sit down with a pickleback shot and reflect on what you learned from Dad, and then pass it on to someone else when they are in need.

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  1. Not sure if you’ll see this Big D, but I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I’ll be thinking about the old man and all the times he probably laughed at us behind closed doors while we were writing adolescently comical, yet amazing songs. In the same breath, congrats on your son, I know you’ll do right by him and he will love you dearly. Be good, mayne!

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