Janine Denise Jones

Janine Denise Jones
Janine Denise Jones

Janine Denise Jones, 58, of Amarillo, TX passed away on Friday, December 4, 2020, where she was greeted at Heaven’s gates by her Daddy and grandmother.

Services will be at 4:00 P.M., Monday, December 7, 2020, at The Church at Quail Creek. Arrangements are by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd.

Janine was born on April 16, 1962, to Richard and Mary Lee Van Kluyve. She is survived by her daughters, Bailey Davis and her husband Troy, and Britney Sherley and her husband Collin; her son, Brennan Jones; her mother, Mary Lee Van Kluyve; her brothers, Richard Van Kluyve and his wife Lori, and Nicholas Van Kluyve; her grandchildren, Aynsley, Beau, Barrett, Kennedy, and Jackson; her nieces and nephews, Courtney Cooksey and her children Carrie, Colton and Callie, Maddie, Ben, Billy, Andrew, and Cory Barnes and his wife Samantha and their children.

Everyone who knew her knew and loved her spunk, charm, and can-do attitude. At her job and in life Janine was the first to laugh at a silly joke, a dry comeback, or an absurd story. Her laugh was often heard throughout the day wherever she was. She was joyful in her manner and generous with her laughs. She had a phrase for everything. When teased she might playfully say, “I’ll slap you naked” or “Do we need to have a Sonic moment?” (Meaning they might need a talking to). She had a nickname for everyone too–sometimes something simply fun, like her own nickname “J9” as many people who worked with her called her. but more often than not, something thoughtful, meant to make the receiver feel appreciated and known.

There was no human being on earth who scared easier than Janine. Everyone in the center she worked at knew that something as small as a fake plastic spider could be enough to startle a scream out of her. Over the years, there was no shortage of practical jokes to elicit a reaction from Janine–and she was no stranger to some retaliation of her own, as was her playful nature. Her skittishness paired her with her good humor in a way that always meant her shriek was shortly followed by her laugh.

As a nurse, Janine wore her RN badge with great pride, and it showed in her patient care. She always greeted her patients with a smile and a warm handshake, and she looked after them as if they were family. As with any surgery center, there is a set schedule that they are all expected to adhere to, and the busy surgeons are not keen to be kept waiting. Janine, for her part, always managed to strike the perfect balance between timeliness and superior care. Hustling into a pre-op to interview her sedated patients and ask them general questions like name, birthdate, and allergies, she never failed to end with, “Would you like me to pray with you?” It was at this moment that Janine would keep even the most cantankerous surgeon waiting; she would not be rushed through her spiritual care, and her patients loved her for it. With Janine, by the time her patients were headed home after a procedure, most of them knew her by her first name. Without question, they always expressed immense gratitude for her care, and many would not leave without a hug, which Janine always accepted with deep appreciation–she was the resident center hugger and always exuded warmth.

Above all, Janine was a daughter, sister, mother, and Nae-Nae (grandmother) and friend, first and foremost. She loved her mother, brothers, her three children, along with her nieces and nephews and the ones she “adopted” along the way and she treasured spending time with them. She adored her grandkids and often referred to them lovingly as her “heartbeats”. There was not a day that went by that she didn’t share a video, a picture, or a story of her family. It was her purpose in her life.

It’s been said, “Not all heroes die on the battlefield!” and this could not be truer. She was a warrior for Christ, and she loved with her whole being. When she would sing those around her were immediately drawn in and would take notice. There was something special about her, and if you knew her you know.

Janine loved big and was loved big. We want everyone to know who Janine Jones was and to remember her. She was special. She was a daughter, sister, mother, Nae Nae, Nene, and friend and we will miss her, terribly.

Be safe and hug the ones in your life.

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49 Replies to “Janine Denise Jones”

  1. I met Janine when Bailey and I worked for Kohls, she became a very good friend. She later introduced me to Brittani and Brennan. When I left Kohls in 2005 to work at Amarillo College she would come by the bookstore between classes and we would just laugh heartfelt laughter than can only be described “genuine”. I would always ask Bailey, “where is your mom or is your mom coming by today”?
    I was deeply saddened to learn yesterday (5/31/22) that Janine had taken her place at the right hand of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, ( a place she has earned through her works) God bless her.
    To Bailey, Brittani, Brennan, the grandchildren and family. The God we serve is a great God and he will never put you on a course in life without walking with you. Trust and believe in him, for he will never leave you or forsake you.
    I am heartbroken now, but our God is real.

  2. Janine,

    You were such an amazing mother, daughter, granddaughter, nurse and friend. You were extremely supportive of everyone. Your light was constantly shining. We have such wonderful memories together. I will never forget the pep rallies, games, road trips, tryouts and banquets. You were such a loving person and could make anyone smile. You never met a stranger and that is why you had so many friends. I will see you again in Heaven someday. When I arrive I will be welcomed by you singing in the choir. I know your sweet grandmother will be on the front row cheering you on. I love you and I miss you.

    Brenda Baldwin

  3. Janine was a very special friend!! We knew each other way back when but never really hung out like Michelle I. talked about so lovingly. Instead I really got to know Janine and her loving ways while she was going thru nursing school !! She was so excited to start this new adventure in her life. I could not even begin to count the times my hubby, Ken and I ran into her. And as always she met us with a hug and a smile and would catch us up on how much more she had to go to be done. One morning early I was heading into surgery. I was a bit nervous. I prayed for Gods comfort n peace as I was taken in. While laying there I heard a very familiar voice I looked over and yep my prayers were answered!!! Janine was looking at the board and silently turned around and just gave out a good ole belly laugh and said “oh it’s just Cindy Lou” she came right over and gave me a big Janine hug!!! After all was done with their check system Janine came and asked me if I was ok? It was then I just looked with tears in my eyes and she knew just what I needed without me saying a word!! She prayed with me as I was put to sleep!! That surgery (out of @23) was the best ever!! Thank you Janine for being there for me. And thank you my precious friend for the many conversations we had over the last 20 years! I Love You, I will miss you. I will see you again. Thank You JESUS for the time we had with our sweet precious friend!

  4. I wish to speak of the precious person everyone is describing and singing her praises. You see, I had the privilege of birthing her and directing her life through the assisting of her precious father and our Heavenly Father. She was everything everybody has described, and more. We, as a family, are in total shock over her passing. We do know something good will come from this untimely death. We will see her again but until then we will rejoice over the good seeds she has sown. Thanks for prayers.

  5. I am so sorry for the great loss to the family.
    I loved her when I new her at the church at Quail
    Creek . She had a beautiful singing voice, always there with a big hug.

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I’m so glad I had the pleasure of knowing her over the past several years. Such a bright spirit, and she would always have me laughing when she visited my restaurant. She will be greatly missed.

  7. Bailey, Britney and Brennan, I knew your mom a very long time ago. I even babysat you 3 when you were all babies. I am heartbroken to here of her passing. Reading her obituary I could not agree more with how she was described. Your mom was an original. She loved with all her heart and loved nothing more than God and her family. Janine was fierce and determined and if she set her mind on something she fought for it. You 3 truly had an amazing momma!!

  8. Janine was an amazing, loving and fun loving woman. She always had a kind word, beautiful smile and a warm hug. I always enjoyed talking with her at the 50’s. She is a testament of the precious parents that raised her. God’s love spilled out from her very being. She will be sorely missed. Love y’all! Our prayers are with y’all!

  9. Janine was an amazing nurse. I was honored to call her a coworker for a short time. She went above and beyond. She cared deeply for her patients. She will be missed.
    Bailey praying for you and your family.

  10. What a blessing it is to have been one of the lucky ones that went on a Pre-Op prayer journey with Janine! I was lucky enough to have been on more than 9 of those journeys with her! If she hadn’t held my hand and guided me through my time with her, I would’ve been a nervous wreck. Janine will surely be missed…I know I’ll miss her!

  11. Dear Bailey and Family. I have fond memories of Janine as a registered nurse and my former student at Amarillo College Associate Degree Nursing Program. Janine was a wonderful person and student. I always enjoyed seeing her in class (You too, Bailey). Janine had a GREAT sense of humor. It was an honor to know her. I will be thinking about you and keep you close in my heart. I am so sorry that we do not have Janine with us anymore. The good news is that you (Bailey and family) will see her again. Love, Richard Pullen.

  12. Brit,
    I’m so very sorry for your loss. You have the most beautiful angel watching over you, Collin, Aynsley & Barrett. Thinking of you constantly & praying so hard for you, Bailey & Brennan. I love you!!

  13. Janine was a lovely, remarkable, and godly woman who will be greatly missed by all whose lives were touched by her during her life which was cut way too short. She was a vibrant person who lived life to the fullest. I will be praying for peace and comfort for her family as they grieve the loss of their sweet Janine. Rest in heaven, sweetheart. Sing your heart out to the Lord in heaven! See you one day again in heaven where we will sing together to the Lord! Love you forever and ever. Muah! 😘

  14. Thoughts and prayers to Janine’s family .. It had been a while since I had seen Janine but no matter how long it had been you would have thought it was just yesterday, she will be missed by many.

  15. The world has lost an angel. I remember so many wonderful talks with Janine when I was going through my divorce and dealing with all the trials that come from a husband leaving his family. She gave me an ear and encouragement, and always made time to for me. A few years later, she went through the same thing and we had many more talks, this time in reverse. Every time I ran into Janine (always seemed to be a Lowe’s for some reason!), we would have a long conversation about our lives and it was if we could always just pick up where we left off. I loved being a “choir mom” with her a AHS. She was tireless at working for the benefit of the kids. I can’t believe she is gone–it was such a shock. She will be terribly missed.

  16. I didn’t have the honor of knowing Janine, and I wished I would have. I know her brother Nicholas/Nick Van Kluyve, as a dear friend and confidant, from our days at Baylor University. Nick adored Janine and especially adored Janine’s beautiful daughters- his Niece’s. I’ll forever remember Nick’s framed photo of him holding one of his Nieces, as an infant, and his big, proud grin,- emanating so much love for that little one. Today, I am sending the entire Van Kluyve and Jones Family so much love and prayers. I know words can not ease your pain but wanted you to know that Janine was remembered by me as a beloved person in Nick’s life and how grateful I am to have known her through his eyes.

  17. In high school, Janine had the personality that drew others to her. Her sense of humor had a twisted side at times and she was never at a loss for words. Last year, I had a procedure at her place of work and was able to witness her excellent patient care, she never lost that gift of helping, healing and giving. She was not my nurse, but I recognized her the minute I heard her voice. Janine was a gift to all of those lucky enough to come in contact with her. Her loss will leave a void that will remain for a long time to come. I will always remember her for the great spirit she possessed and radiated to others. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time of loss.

  18. Rest easy beautiful. It was a pleasure getting to know you over the years. You will be missed tremendously. Fly high!

  19. Bailey,
    Without a doubt was one of a kind. Never meet a stranger. Loved everyone she knew. The quotes you said I remember hearing so many times made me always laugh. Still does just thinking about it. She will be missed I am so very sorry for your family’s loss. I loved her as well as you..

  20. She was truly a blessing to this world. She had the perfect personality for her job! She wore a pair of wings that no one else could wear.

  21. She treated me like her only patient, but I got to see I wasn’t. She took my hand, Prayed for me like she expected her Pray to be answered! She even left her phone number with my wife, with the instructions to call her if she could help in any way. We did call her, she did help, followed up with us, checked on us, and was a dear friend. We Love You Janine!!

  22. As neither of us had a sister, we claimed each other! We laughed and cried often over those we loved! Thank you God, for Janine and her precious family!
    Janine, I’ll miss your passion and try everyday to touch someone as you would! See you one day. I loved you dearly, my sister! Thank you for God mothering my kids and many more who needed you! You are an amazing mom and NaeNae! Beautiful, crazy memories I’ll cherish for my lifetime!

  23. I know how much she always loved her children and those around her. She is in heaven with her Savior. The rest of this is for her children…..she will want you to stay close to each other, to be involved in your church and continue to built your relationship with Christ. As siblings built each other up, encourage each other, forgive each other during greviences, and continue that love your momma practiced everyday. God bless you.

  24. Always such a kind and beautiful person. I am blessed to have known her and had her as a classmate at Pampa HS. The world lost a beautiful person. Rest in peace Janine and I will see you again, someday.

  25. Janine was a sweetheart. Although I hadn’t seen her since high school . I know that she continued to give her whole heart in everything she done with pure love and kindness. She will be greatly missed

  26. I have not seen Janine for years but will always remembered her as a very bright and special light that would shine for Jesus. She and I had some special moments together talking and sharing things about life and I loved her dearly. I was shocked to hear that she had passed and wished so bad we had gotten together to share more special times. I loved and will miss her hugs. She loved her kids and family so very much. I know she made so many people feel loved and special. My heart breaks for your loss.

  27. Janine never knew a stranger. She had a contagious smile and was a mom to many. She will be missed, but I know we will see her again. Love this amazing family. Continued prayers!

  28. Gone too soon but God needed her for something special I’m sure of that. What an amazing Angel you’ll be and I know you will look after us all! We love you Momma Janine ❤

  29. Oh my precious sister and friend; you will be missed by so many! I hope that I can learn to love like you loved! I will think of you every time I make a batch of brittle! Thank you for the love, laughs, and your friendship! You not only talked about your faith, you lived it with purpose! I will miss you crazy bad “Sweet Pea”!!

  30. We loved Janine with our whole hearts and will miss her sweet spirit! Our prayers are with her children, heartbeats and all of her family.

  31. Janine was a beautiful woman inside and out. Her smile would light up the room, she will be truly missed.

    Prayers for the family.

  32. Janine was my daughter’s basketball coach many many moons ago. I was only around her for a short time but instantly loved her! One of the funniest most caring people I’ve ever met. I know your hearts are broken and a void has been left. I pray that the peace that passes all understanding be your comfort as you carry on.

  33. I know that Monte greeted her at heavens gates. She was a friend you never forgot. I loved listening to her sing! I can still hear the excitement in her boice if she hadn’t seen you in a while. She will be missed. Cherish the memories. I will continue to pray for the family. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever been through. Much love and hugs from me and my family.
    Darla Leggett

  34. Janine was the sweetest person. She was a hero to many. Her whole world feels such a huge loss. I’m so very sorry for her heartbreaking loss. Prayers for comfort and peace in the coming days.

  35. I met this lovely lady,Bailey and baby Beau several years ago at our restaurant instantly became friends steak cooked rare, green beans and cheese fries for an appetizer this routine has continued Kennedy was born then Jackson she got me into Doterra essential oils, met Brittney and other family she made a strong impact on me and I’ll never forget her saying to me hey sister how are you! I’am very blessed to have known this lovely lady ❤️

  36. She was an absolute angel in her job!! She prayed with me on several occasions before & after surgery. Always so comforting to know she was in the building… thank you Janine for your love you showed for HIS glory…. 💖

  37. Janine was an amazing woman. Always cared for others. She was the only one allowed to call me by my nickname from childhood. She said it with love in her heart. I treasured her friendship and will truly miss her. Can’t wait to see her in heaven and hear her again squealing, giggling and her laughing and calling me by that name and receiving her hug as she always did. She sure wasn’t afraid to tell you what she thought. We had a lot of sonic drinks together! When we first became friends, which was in sixth grade, she took my hand and never let go. And I thank God she never ever did. She and her family took me to church and I always appreciated them for their spiritual guidance and encouragement. She got me going to Sunday school, church and choir . When we would stand in church choir, I always stood by Janine so I could sing halfway decent. (That’s the reason I was in band ) but I knew God even loved my voice as long as I was worshiping him. We separated for a while as adults but when we found out we were only living 4 blocks apart we hung out and again she encouraged me to end up in church choir as adults Janine always encouraged me and again standing by her, she would grab my hand and squeeze when we sang, she’d turn, smile and say you got this! Just listen to me! She had a beautiful voice ever since she was a little girl. I remember sitting at the piano playing and singing. Wonderful memories : riding in her little car with my mom screaming In the back seat and us laughing she stayed with me in the summers with my mom and we would take our baby dolls everywhere and shopping in Albertsons. I will always cherish those days with her. She was a true friend who loved me with Christ like love. I have been blessed by her life long friendship. She meant the world to me.! I pray for comfort from the Lord to each of her family and may he carry you all throughout this hard hard season. She’s gone too soon for us but in the perfect time for the Lord. Love you all with all my heart!!!

  38. I loved Janine, she was a friend of my son James Siglerand I can tell you right now they are having a great time together. Love and prayers to all who loved her.

  39. Janine was the most loving and loyal friend to so many. She will be missed and her lasting impact will be felt for years.

  40. Mighty is this lady. I know she is home. We are praying for the family and many friends she has reached. May our memories of her be shared and recall her laugh often. Let us share our love for The Lord as she has.

  41. I love you so much Janine! There is a hole in the world that will never be filled. A giant one! We will keep up this fight here until we see you again. I for one want to be like you Janine! The outpouring of love from all over just for you is astounding, and so telling of who you were!

  42. Janine was a blessing. To know her was to love her. She will be missed on this earth. She is safe in the arms of Jesus and there is peace in that!!

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