Johnnie B. Seeds “Tootie” Schuhart

Johnnie B. Seeds “Tootie” Schuhart , 91, of Amarillo, TX died Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

Tootie was a special lady to those of us whom she held dear. When she loved, she did so with fire and passion.  This fire was so strong that it could only be quenched with her soul going home to the Kingdom of Heaven as a Bride dressed for her Groom.  Though her mortal life has ended, and her circle has been closed, her memories will live on for the small handful of family and friends who knew her best.  Tootie taught those around her the true gift of patience, the unmatched power of prayer, and how to forgive. She was elegant and refined. She passed these ideals down to her limited number of family members, emanating wisdom and grace. Those willing to learn from her benefited from the life lessons that came straight from her loving soul.  Rather than teaching in parables, Tootie kept her lessons simple and genuine. She bestowed many gifts on her son and grandchildren, but the most important of those was the wisdom shared. Looking back through a lens of her life, one could witness an involved grandmother with the many hugs that were given, athletic competitions attended, tuition funded, gradua

tions attended, snowcapped mountains skied, art admired, card games played, horses tamed, winds of the prairie survived, and loved ones remembered. All are small celebrations of a life well lived.

She was preceded in death by her younger sister, Edith Penner; husband, Leon George Seeds Jr.; father, John Henry Penner; mother, Marguerite Ellen Myers Penner; and husband, E. G. Schuhart.

She leaves behind a son, Jack E. Seeds and his wife Kelly; three grandchildren, Adriane Christine Seeds- Smith, Jack Preston Seeds, and Blake John-Charles Seeds; six great-grandchildren; and one cousin, Melva Young.

She will be interned alongside her late husband, E. G. Schuhart, at Arlington National Cemetery.

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  1. Tootie was a very dear lady. I know she enjoyed decorating and making her home beautiful. Glad my paths crossed with her in the mid 70’s.

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