Kamala Gail Stone


Kamala Stone
Kamala Stone

December 23, 1974 – September 23, 2022


Death is hard when it is unexpected, but then again when is death really welcomed. Kamala’s passing will forever stop us in our tracks and remind us our days are not as many as we might hope. For the days she did live I think we can all agree she – LIVED.


Kamala’s life took on many different roles that she cherished deeply – daughter, sister, mother, kamkam, cousin, niece, friend, lover, cat mother, collector of trash treasures, inventor of fancy drinks, and creator of any craft that came to her mind.


“It is better to be obscene than unheard” – A quote written in every journal Kamala owned. Obscene is living out of the ordinary of societal standards and ideals. There is not a better way to describe the impact Kamala had on every person she came into contact with. She did not hold back her thoughts, opinions, or elaborate ideas from any situation. To be loved by her is to know exactly where you stood, even if it involved very colorful language. To know her was to know forgiveness, respect and joy in all of life’s circumstances.


Kamala’s passing is not a forever goodbye

. She often wrote about Heaven with thoughts full of questions and we know she has her answers now. She will be held tightly in our thoughts and memories and it is our job to carry out her spirit and zeal for living in this physical world.


Until we meet again – mahalo – for your love, your laughter, and your light. May it be felt through this difficult time. Family and friends are welcome to attend a celebration of life on Friday, September 30th held at, Living Water Fellowship, 10100 W HWY 60, Canyon, TX 79015 from 10:30-11:30 AM.

3 Replies to “Kamala Gail Stone”

  1. I haven’t seen you since you were a young child. I remember you as smart, rambunctious, and very loved. My heart goes out to all of those who have loved and surrounded you. It is comforting to know we will all see you again.

  2. My dear sweet lady, my soul friend !!!

    ” This message is for the most incredible heartbeat I miss , a smile befitting every situation, kind words I could hear being whispered in the abstract, laughter that infects the most cynical of moods, and tears ……. her tears where truly inherited from crocodiles…. it’s why it happened silently ” ” I have sent your name into heaven with several angels. Perhaps prayer is truly the best form of message gifting I have given you”
    I love you
    I miss you
    Your soul friend

    My tears for you will never be silent friend !!!! You were the most beautiful soul I have ever encountered in this lifetime and I’m curious as to what will be to each other in our next lifetime together…….. no more breathing ailments or battling the sick with oneself, because you loved and cared so, so deeply ,you took on whomever was around you pain as your own!!!!! Thank you for being so unconditional in every aspect of friendship !!! The boys and I are heartbroken , especially Arron , so maybe you can send an angel down to him to let him know it’s ok!!!! We love you more than all the fish in the seas and stars in the sky !!!!!

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