Luka Alexander Turner

Luka Turner
Luka Turner

In loving memory of Luka Alexander Turner, who was born December 12th, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. weighing 9 lbs. 6 oz. and measuring 20.5” long. He tragically and unexpectedly left this world the following night for a sky full of falling stars. He deserved to outgrow his parents, to develop his father’s hair line, and his mother’s sense of humor to make up for it. He deserved to terrorize his big sister, and she deserved to complain that he gets away with everything because he’s the baby. He deserved so much more time than he was given. He is survived by a large family, all of whom were so excited to meet him, and to love and spoil him. All of whom deserved to know the person he was going to become. For reasons none of us will ever be able to comprehend, I guess the world just didn’t deserve to have his light in it.

Sweet Luka, you existed like a falling star: arriving bright and beautiful, dazzling everybody watching, and disappearing before there was time to fully appreciate the way you decorated the sky around you.

In the wake of your loss, it is hard to find any sense or reason. There is only a grieving family holding so much sorrow and love for you, holding onto each other the way we wish we could have held on to you. We will carry you in our hearts for as long as we live. Rest peacefully, sweet boy.

He is preceded in death by, grandpa Marvin Allan “PeeWee” Turner, great-grandpa Marvin Turner, great-grandma Sharon Williams and uncles, Hector Gutiérrez and Fernando Gutiérrez.

Luka is survived by parents, Zach and Stefanie Turner; sister, Isla Turner; grandparents, Antonia Manzo, Luis Picos, and Mary Turner; great-grandparents, Bobbie Turner and Al Williams; aunts and uncles, Shila Turner, Amaris (Luke) King, Sandra (Jorge) Vargas, Fabiola Gutiérrez, Betty (Juan) Tinajero, Luis Picos, José Picos, Maribel Picos, Luis (Imelda) Segovia, and Andres Picos; and numerous great-aunts, uncles and cousins.


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  1. My sweet, beautiful great- nephew, the grief over your sudden loss is tremendous. I can only hope with our family that was waiting to greet you. I loved you so much and your family loves and misses you beyond any words that’s would make sense. The tears fall often sweet boy. Hug Gramma/Momma for me! I’m sure she’s rocking you and singing and reading to you

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