Martha Ann “Marty” Atchley


Martha Ann “Marty” Atchley, 65, of Amarillo, TX passed from this world on October 18th, 2021.

Memorial services will be at 1:00 P.M., Saturday, October 23, 2021, in the Boxwell Brothers Ivy Chapel. Arrangements are by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd.

Martha was the 2nd of 9 children born to Norman and Mary Ellen Fischer on October 14th, 1956 at Fort Bragg Army Base in Fayetteville, NC. Marty was a mother figure at a young age. She ceased her schooling at age 15 to take care of and raise her younger brothers and sisters. Marty met and married Randall “Steve” Atchley in 1974 in Colorado Springs, CO, and they were set to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary on November 23rd, 2021.

Steve and Marty moved to Amarillo, TX in 1975 to raise their sons, Randall “Stevie”, Timothy, and Matthew. Marty loved children and held several positions in Childcare Education Services throughout the years when she wasn’t focused on homemaking. She found the most joy in raising her family, her brothers and sisters, and being Mawmaw to her grandchildren.

Marty played volleyball in her younger years, loved the beach, and went fishing and camping as often as she could. She loved to sew and would handcraft costumes, dresses, or outfits for any occasion. She threw the best birthday parties for her kids and grandkids, baking and decorating cakes from scratch, creating a theme, and fully decorating her house to match. Marty was a wonderful cook and on any given night, all the neighborhood kids and friends could be found at her dinner table.

Marty loved her family and was a selfless Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Mawmaw, Teacher, and Friend to many.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Norman and Mary Ellen Fischer, and brother, Norman David Fischer

She is survived by her husband, Randall Steven Atchley; children, Randall Steven Atchley II and Melissa Atchley, Timothy Atchley, and Matthew Atchley; grandchildren, Kaitlyn Reece, Makenzee Atchley and spouse Nathan Alarcon, and MaCaylie Atchley; and siblings, Barbara and Larry Owen, Linda and James Foley, Jeanette Sharplin, Alvina and Richard Whitworth, Mary Congo, Jonny Fischer, and Marvin Fischer.

7 Replies to “Martha Ann “Marty” Atchley”

  1. Hey Marty,
    It’s me skinney,
    I’m sorry it took so long for me to say goodbye. I’m still lost for words.
    I have always looked up to you for guidance and not one time when I seen you through the years did you ever let me down, you always showed me you still cared and loved me as my big sister. Even though the years pulled us apart the love for you my Sister stayed strong. I’m gonna miss you so much more than I did before the Holy Lord called you home. I wish I would have put 2 and 2 together when you asked Johnny and I to come for Christmas. Now I know why. But you were always private in your ways. Just like looseing Normie life will never be the same. I hope your Resting In Peace now. I’ll see you at the PEARLY GATES !
    ♥ Always

  2. My Dear Sister; Marty, was the best. Growing up together we had the best times. We discussed makeup, pefume, fashion, shoes, cooking, tanning, swimming, decorating anything. We both were track stars in high school @ Harrison High School in CSC. Most of all we Love Shopping. We could Shop! I LOVE My Sister beyond words. I have the best memories & picture’s of us together. We laughed about the silly things. See you Sissy, in Heaven! Breaks my heart!😘🥰

  3. I’m so sad to hear of this. So many wonderful memories of Marty and your family as neighbors. Praying for all of you.

  4. What a shock to hear of Marty’s passing. I always enjoyed visiting with her. Marty was always so friendly and caring.

  5. Beautiful picture of Marty and an awesome write up about her life.
    For three days I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it, I did not want to believe it. I was so sad I cried every time I thought about her. I could not believe I could never see her or talk to her again.
    I truly love Marty. I will miss her so much.
    I am so sorry Steve. I pray for you and the boys that God will guide you through this tremendous loss in your lives.

  6. I have been a friend of the family for more than 30yrs. I am heartbroken to hear of sweet Marty’s passing. I live in Alabama and always looked forward to Marty and Steve coming to visit her family in the Summer. The family spent countless hours through the years with My family at the pool , at the beach and our favorite place: shopping ! I remember spending hours with Mary and Marty just laughing talking and even crying over situations we all were going through. Marty was so full of wisdom and always had an encouraging word. I love you dearly Precious Marty and I will miss your great hugs, loving heart and the light that always filled the room with your beautiful smile 😊

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