Timothy Randall Roberts

Timothy Randall Roberts
Timothy Randall Roberts

Timothy Randall Roberts, 42, of Amarillo, TX passed away September 11, 2023.

Services will be at 2:00 PM, Friday, September 15, 2023 at Trinity Fellowship West Auditorium. Interment will follow in Claude Cemetery. Arrangements are by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors.

Tim was born May 4, 1981 in Amarillo, TX to Randy and Gwen Roberts. He graduated from Claude High School in 1999. Tim worked for the Amarillo Police Department for 17 years and owned/operated Agridata Control. He loved being outdoors, especially on the lake. Tim enjoyed coaching his children in sports and going to the racetrack.

He is preceded in death by his mother, Gwen Dene Kerr; and sister, Megan Hogan.

Tim is survived by his children, Trinity Rayne Roberts and Traycin Riott Roberts and their mother, Trisha Roberts all of Amarillo, TX; father, Thomas Randall Roberts of Amarillo, TX; brothers, Chris Montgomery of Amarillo, TX, B.J. Hogan of Amarillo, TX, and Tyler Hogan of Chickasha, OK; sisters, Rhada Smith of Amarillo, TX, Julie Collins of Wellington, TX, Holly Johnson of Amarillo, TX, and Ashly Hogan of Amarillo, TX; and numerous blessed nieces and nephews.


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  1. I am heartbroken to hear this. Tim was always a good listener & never failed to make me laugh. His poor kids. Sending them an abundance of hugs, love & healing prayers. God Bless this family. Love you all Trisha.

  2. On your fourth birthday, Uncle Ronnie, your cousins, and I wanted to give you a bicycle. When we went to pick it up at Sears, they didn’t have it. None of us had ever seen your Uncle Ronnie angry, but he took things to the point of talking to the CEO of Sears, who finally told the Amarillo store manager to let your uncle have any bike he wanted. They didn’t have the size he thought you needed, but he found one that he thought would “do.” As we drove to Claude, bike in the back, I thought your Uncle Ronnie might die of a stroke—the vein in the web of his hand pulsated at over two hundred beats per minute—his face still red with fury. When we got to Claude, Dale and Ronnie went to the garage to put the bicycle together while the rest of us ate your birthday meal. Insisting that they had to know if the bicycle would “do,” the two grown men refused to eat. When they finally came into the house, they were hungry and made us wait some more instead of having cake & ice cream and presents. You kids were ordered to stay in the house and be nice. (Were Ronnie and Dale nuts?) It’s a birthday party—more specifically, it was your birthday party! In a few minutes, I heard someone quietly shut the front door. A quick survey of the room and a head count confirmed you were the one at the door. I hollered, Timothy Randall, you were told to stay inside. Your reply was priceless. “It’s all right, Aunt Donna, I didn’t see nothin’ yellow. I have never laughed so hard in my life as you came into the room with that smile of yours. Then you hopped on that yellow bike that fit you perfectly, with an ear-to-ear grin that was brighter than the sun that bright May 4th. Every time I think of you, your smile lights up the entire room as if the bright yellow sun were right there in the room. So, while most people send somber flowers of white, purple, and blue with greenery—I’ve sent colorful flowers with lots of bright yellow so they remind me of you. I love you, my precious child. Rest in peace—the nasty fight is over, but your love and our love for you lasts forever. Timothy Randall Roberts, you will forever be my Sunshine.

  3. Tim was a special young man. I had the honor of Coaching him at Claude. Very respectful and always wanting to learn more. My prayers go to his family I look forward to seeing him in Heaven.🙏❤️

  4. Wylie and I were so sorry to hear about Tim. Prayers from the Montgomerys. Please, if there is anything we can do… We always thought a lot of him and still do.❤️

  5. I remember when he was a baby and yal lived across the street from me. I loved your mom like a sister. I know she is in Heaven with Tim and his sister Megan 😭❤️ Sincerely Juanita

  6. God Bless your soul Tim. God give your family peace. There are stories to be told, but they’ll wait till we see you again. In Christ, Mitchell.

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