James A. Moore


James A. Moore

December 6, 1963 – September 5, 2021

Husband – Father – Gramps

Brother – Uncle – Friend

Proud Owner and Operator of



Our loss is immeasurable, but so is

the love he left behind. His family

friends and customers all knew

him to have a personality bigger

than life. Forever true to himself,

what you saw was what you got.

His laughter and sense of humor,

colorful – happy – upbeat, would

raise your spirits, lift your heart,

and always make you laugh.


Join our celebration of this man’s

incredible life! Memorial will be

December 6 2021 @ 11 AM

House Cabinets AKA The Shop

210 N. Van Buren, Amarillo TX

If you have something crafted

or mended by James, please

email photos to:

[email protected]

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  1. I sold him House cabinets. He worked for me for years. He was a hard worker and a loyal person and good friend. Lynn House

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