Anthony “Antonio” Elfigo Montano 


Anthony “Antonio” Elfigo Montano 
Anthony “Antonio” Elfigo Montano 

Anthony “Antonio” Elfigo Montano 

 (July 3, 1971 – September 19, 2021)

Antonio Montano 50, of Amarillo, TX shed his worldly skin Sunday, September 19, 2021. He passed away at Northwest Texas Hospital after complications from a COVID-19 infection.

Antonio was born July 3, 1971, in Portales, New Mexico to Elfigo and Concepcion Montano. Born the day before July 4th/Independence Day celebrations, he was often described as a firecracker. Known as Anthony growing up, he was the oldest son of 4 children born to Connie and Elfigo. 

He was the ultimate big brother to his two sisters and baby brother. Like his mother, Antonio had a big generous heart and a desire to try and take care of everyone. He was also mechanically inclined like his father which inspired his tendency to make all things easier to use and more efficient. The attributes of each parent contributed to his career choices throughout his lifetime. It was obvious in all areas of Antonio’s life and work he had a passion for innovation and beauty.

After turning down a scholarship to play college football, he chose to follow his dreams, attending cosmetology school at Jessie Lee’s Hair Design Institute, in Lubbock, moving to Amarillo shortly after to begin his career. Working in countless Amarillo salons as a stylist, ultimately Antonio went on to build at three salons of his own. Alongside his closest friends, he opened the MontanoFox Salon & Studio E, both in Peppertree Square and Kranaby Salon, one of the first Hair Salons downtown on 6th street in Amarillo. The majority of his time spent working in Amarillo, Antonio’s career spanned the globe as far as Orlando, Florida and New York and as close to home as Fritch, Texas. 

Antonio was an inventor and he worked to patent at least two of his inventions, the self-mixing paint can and the spinning round hairbrush. He was a builder and a self-taught craftsman. He was self-employed as a contractor working in houses throughout Amarillo with Jason Burkholder. As a contractor with Progressive Drywall, he recently working in Midland following the completion of the renovation and reopening of The Barfield Building on Polk Street in downtown Amarillo.  

Above all and in everything, Antonio was an Artist. He saw everything as the purist canvas, ready to be transformed. He had an ability to make his vision come to life once he laid his hands upon that canvas. His canvas’ included anything from small wooden scraps to huge tree stumps, walls inside homes or outdoor murals on buildings & billboards for hometown businesses, and pencil drawings on paper or in sketchbooks. He often made his own canvas out of any material available, only using store-bought canvas as a last resort. Recently he made carvings using joint compound thin-set from the same bucket he used at work that day to install drywall. Antonio simply wanted to make the world as beautiful as he saw it in his creative mind, while communicating his thoughts, feelings and ideas through his constant ever-evolving creations. He rarely met a stranger and he always wanted to learn something new from every introduction. He often initiated conversations with the question “How YOUNG are you?” immediately acknowledging the beauty that exists in all things. 

Antonio was preceded in death by his mother, Conception Segovia; his father, Elfigo Montano; his sister, Maria Chris Montano; and his niece Alexandra Montano. 

He left pieces of himself with his life partner, Tracy Roos; his real-life guardian angel, Kris Angel; long-time friend/brother, Eddie Fox; and with friends past and present he cherished throughout his lifetime. He never meant to leave his sister, Tina Montano, of Copperas Cove, Texas; his brother, T.J. Montano, of Ruidoso, New Mexico, niece, Presley Rose Montano, of Ruidoso, NM; niece, Mierya Ontiveros and her three daughters (great-nieces); one nephew; and his aunts, uncles and cousins of Portales. Although tried to live a life without regret, he could not help but wish he had done many things differently in his family relationships. Of the love and devotion he had available to share he leaves the largest chunk of his heart on the doorstep of his only child, Abygail Paige, who he always had in his thoughts & prayers.  

The service to remember and celebrate the life of Anthony, “Antonio” Elfigo Montano will be held in the Chapel at The First Presbyterian Church, located at 1100 S. Harrison in Amarillo, will take place on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, at 2:00 p.m.

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  1. So surprised and sadden by this news… you were my neighbor and hairdresser off and on for years. That home in the college area was so beautiful and completely you …. from the furniture to the art ! My friend you were a people magnet and your spirit will be too … off to change the stars and rearrange the heavens. Be sure your life here left everyone and everything a little more beautiful and inspiring. Prayers to the loved one close by experiencing the loss of your light… I know they must be devastated…. but the memories are plenty. Sweet dreams❤️

  2. So many memories !! You have been my friend for 30 years and have always been a happy upbeat part of my life ! Saw me in my lowest moments and always had something positive to say to me !! Will miss u so much !! And anything you touched showed your great talent !!❤️Love you my friend !

  3. I miss you like crazy brother. I hope your amazing energy and spirit, your kind and loving soul has made it’s way across the Cosmos to find another great place to shine down on. And that it continues to inspire others as you did me. You are a great force to be reckoned with. I love you. You were my best friend.

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