Eddie DeeShane Cramer

Eddie DeeShane Cramer
Eddie DeeShane Cramer

Eddie DeeShane Cramer, 55, of Amarillo, TX died April 22, 2021.

Arrangements are by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd.

Eddie was born in Amarillo, TX, on July 17, 1965, to Eddie and Jeanette Cramer, Sr.

Eddie worked as a General Contractor most of his life and was very good at his profession.

He is preceded in death by his Grandparents and recently his brother-in-law, Clarence Gibbs.

Eddie is survived by his parent, Eddie and Jeanette Cramer, Sr., sister, Lana Gibbs; brother, Wesley Cramer and wife Mandy; two nephews, Shawn Gibbs and wife Samantha and Matthew Cramer; one great-niece; three great-nephews, and a stepdaughter, Graclin and friend Kam.

A Celebration of Life will be at a later date.


13 Replies to “Eddie DeeShane Cramer”

  1. Our last goodbye and our last I love you.

    That is the correction for the letter below.

  2. Dear Dad,

    I know you will never get this that you will see it in heaven. Some part of me thinks and hopes you will respond, but that is crazy. So I think when people write letters to their loved ones that passed away they write a lot of memories and happy times. I have two memories that just keep popping up. The first one is when I Went to visit you in prison. They had kid date and I went to see you. We saw cows and a lot of other incredible things. But the worst part was when You were pushing me & I fell off the merry-go-round and split my head open. I remember the ambulance came and I was so mad I did not want to leave you. I did not care about my head being split open. I was just so sad that I had to leave you. Then the other one is the last day I saw you daddy. Unless goodbye and I last I love you. It was when you played volleyball with me and you were always so busy that you usually don’t have time. You just always work. But God knew. So he let you play with me that last day. And I will never forget that. I know that is stupid but if someone is always working and then all the sudden he plays with you on the last day you see them, that is just so crazy. But anywho I am saying this because I love you and miss you more than I can say. But what I want to say more than all of this is thank you for the best 13 years of my life you wanted me when my real father did not. So thank you and happy Father’s Day.

    Love your favorite person Grace

    PS I will see you someday and I can’t wait


    Eddie you are missed greatly and remembered often in our home. Over the years, you had become my best friend. You was a wonderful source of encouragement and as we all know entertainment. I remember when I called you to come over to discipline Graclin. (Eddie was her heart, It would have broke her heart for him to spank her.) You come in with a bag bigger than a Walmart sack, full of large size candy bars. Of course you didn’t spank her or punish her in anyway. You sat down with her. Told her some goofy stories. (That I’m sure Were made up.) & some jokes. Then you left. I remember being so furious but yet thinking that was just your character. You were a major influence on her life. I know you Loved Graclin, as if she was your own blood. That alone speaks volumes about the kind of man you was. Sometimes life isn’t always fair and to me this is one of those times. You were taken to soon. But I know you are watching over Graclin DeeShane Zane Cramer. And God couldnt have picked a better angel for our daughter. Thank you for stepping up to be her dad. I love you and miss you.

    “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Mathew 5:4

    Crystal Rivera

  4. Just ran across this, RIP my old friend, lots of childhood memories next door to your grandma, and rabbit hunting in the country .

  5. He was a good friend. The little time I spent with him was enough time to see how wonderful he is he helped me alot when needed. Rest in peace my friend.

  6. Eddie I wanted to say that I was proud of you for everyday that you lived. Each and every day you made a difference on this earth and in somebodies life. Whether it was because of your smile or a helping hand that you lent. There wasn’t a day go by that in someway you were helping another in need. You were one of the good guys and it is hard for the rest of us when the good ones get taken early. I know that our paths will cross again and until then I will always remember you. Rest in peace.

  7. Sorry to see that you left us brother you were a good friend to have and very knowledgeable in the construction trade RIP

  8. Can’t believe your gone my friend! Every time my phone rings I think it’s you calling to go to work until the realization kicks in that I’m never gonna get that call again! You taught me a lot and i will forever be thankful and you will forever be missed! I hope your at peace now and can finally be at rest. You and Granny hold the fort down until the rest of us get there! R.I.P Eddie

  9. Eddie DeeShane Cramer
    Wow You are gone way to soon. You will ALWAYS BE MY FIRST LOVE Hell I still have your last name. We had a great life and I will never forget all of the amazing times and memories we made together. My M❤M is waiting for you Please find her give her a BIG hug from me and tell her how much I miss her. You guys will have a great time together in heaven R I P my friend ❤😢🙏

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