Elva Jeanne Denton

Elva Jeanne Denton
Elva Jeanne Denton

Elva Jeanne Denton, 90, of Amarillo, TX passed away Monday, April 6, 2020 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Born January 3, 1930 in Minneapolis, MN, Jeanne was a formidable woman of wit, intellect, artistic talent, and wisdom. She overcame numerous hardships of life to find serenity in the warmth of the community of Al-Anon Family Services, and supported the organization and many members with the strength and grace of the program and unlimited amount of love and sincere concern for the welfare of others. Jeanne taught in the Amarillo School District for many years, beginning her career in the 70’s teaching art at Horace Mann Junior High, then to Palo Duro High School in the 80’s teaching her love of language and literature, and in the 90’s at Tascosa High School as a Rebel at heart. She loved her students with a determination to bring them to appreciate their education and succeed in every way possible, and always felt a connection to any child who might be suffering a difficult situation in their life as she had persevered through such adversity herself.  

In 1953 Jeanne married Jay Laurence Denton of Odessa, TX. Jeanne is succeeded by her children, John Laurence Denton and Karma Jean Denton of Amarillo; her most beloved, dear grandsons, John Light Denton and Thomas Weldon Denton; Thomas’ three little ones, Dylan, Jack and Mila and their mother, Michelle Lopez Denton; and niece, Pamela Ann Hill of Tulsa, OK. She is predeceased by her parents J.P. Weldon of Odessa, TX, and Irene Allen Clark of Dallas, TX. A memorial service will be held at a future date and will feature plenty of her favorite rock and roll to remember her bold, adventurous personality. Have a wonderful journey in the heavenly realms, dear Jeanne.

The family wishes to extend sincere thanks to the staff, nurses and aides at Country Club Nursing and Rehab as well as Open Heart Hospice for their kindness and superb care.

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  1. I’m not sure why but I thought about Mrs. Denton tonight and looked up her name to find her. Mrs. Denton was the most amazing teacher and mentor. She guided my life even after high school. I still live by her teachings and wish I could’ve told her that I love her and appreciate her!! Love and prayers to the family.

  2. John, Karma and families, We would like to extend our love and God’s peace and comfort at this time of loss. Jeanne was a treasure! We know this extended illness was difficult for each of you to go through, and Karma, you gave her so much of your time and love. Bless you! We rejoice knowing she is now whole and can remember all the wonderful memories that were hidden. She loved and was so proud of her family. God Bless, Jim and Lynda Gray

  3. Yes, Jeanne was a force to be contended with but for me she was a lifeline. She was my dearest Al-AMom. Her infamous question, “How’s that working for ya?” would stop me in my tracks, push my mind’s reset button to a better way of thinking and bring me calm. She was always present, “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” on Duniven Circle. She has been and will forever be in my ear and heart. Rest in peace, dear Jeanne.

  4. Mrs. Denton was my very favorite teacher, she was a fantastic English teacher and was so entertaining everyday in class. I adored her, she had the best sense of humor and was so witty and kind. I loved running into her over the years at the grocery store, she never quit loving her students. She was so special, I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Jussen Campbell Smith

  5. Much love and respect for this exceptional woman. You made a difference in so many lifes. May you rest in Heaven.

  6. Jeanne was one of a kind, honest, loving, dependable and kind individual. God gave us one of his best in Jeanne. We first met in the early 1980’s and about 10 years went by and when she saw me she firmly said, “Where’ve you been?!!!” She will always have a place in my heart and anytime I see her Calligraphy, Ill think of Jeanne. We all borrowed from her wisdom and strength….thank you Jeanne

  7. Loved Ms. Denton! I had her for Art at Horace Man. She was vibrant and full of live and totally emodied the Artiste! She nurtured my love for art and my quirky creativity! She GOT me!
    The world will be less for not having her in it.

    Sarena Grace Hamilton Gum

  8. I do and will always laugh and smile when I have memories of Jeanne Denton. She was a real person, you could talk to about anything. She taught me so much, but to this day, I still write in calligraphy. She was fun. She was loud. She was wonderful. She taught me art of all mediums. She taught me a lot about life, love, and family, and friends.

  9. R.I.P. Mrs. Denton. You were a kind, patient Teacher…Thank you♡
    Class of 81 Palo Duro High
    Cindy Carter Cline Belcher

  10. One of my favorite teachers, PEOPLE, ever! I called her a few years back to let her know I thought of her often and thanked her for the kindness and lessons she taught me that went way beyond what was required of her as a teacher. She was just an excellent human being. I will see you again dear friend.

  11. Loved her, she was one of my favorites. To this day I love to be creative in my art room! She made a difference in my life and many others. Prayers for her family!

  12. Mrs. Denton was my art teacher at Horace Mann and her husband Jay was my Dad’s boss at Cummins Sales & Service.
    She was a great teacher and did her best to extract all She could out of us. I have thought of her often and seems quite a bit as of late. May she rest in peace and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

  13. Jeanne helped so many…
    I loved her sense of humor, her calligraphy classes and her delicious corn casserole! Still have her recipe! Grateful she was a part of my journey.

  14. Jeanne was brilliant, loving and direct. She was so vibrant. She made a tremendous impact on my life. May you all have the peace that surpasses understanding. It was an honor to know her.

  15. Jeanne had a lifetime of service with her family, teaching and her years at AlAnon. She had a wonderful sense of humor combined with a deep love for others. She shared her experience, strength and hope on a daily basis. She was a blessing in my life and always had time for me when I needed her. Her beautiful calligraphy was appreciated and enjoyed by all, she was truly talented. Enjoy the Kingdom of God Jeanne!

  16. Jeanne was a “one of a kind” lady, always wanting the best for everyone. She gave her all to those seeking help in recovery and I am proud to have been one of those. I feel fortunate to call her my friend and thank her for all she has done for me and for her flock. RIP Jeanne–and remember–GOD IS IN CHARGE. So many times I heard that from her.

  17. Farewell my dear Jeanne, who sponsored me for many years in my Al-Anon home group. She was excellent and guided me to a new way of thinking and life. I borrowed her strength for many years. You are loved, respected and honored by all who knew you. Her favorite flower was Peonies and I hope to see many at her service. God put us together for many reasons, and I know you are smiling now, as am I. Your friend, Candy

  18. I loved Jeanne! I loved her honesty and good heartedness. She would share her experience, strength and hope with a rare candor, and I took it and used it in my life with good results.

  19. Mrs. Denton was not only my art teacher she was the one that kept me in line . We had many battles . She believed in me . She once saw me ditching school pulled over put me in her car and rushed me back to school . She said I was wasting her break period . She told me quit wasting my time I was a talented artist. She sometimes had me 2 times a day when I acted out . She pinched my neck and hauled me to the office and told them by no certain terms pull me out of her class. Many years went by and I saw Mrs Denton at a dept. store ,I couldn’t miss her she yelled out my name and said come give me a hug . She said I heard your a talented hairdresser . One of the best she said . I’d like to say I’m surprised but I’m not . She said I’m glad u finally worked on ur talent . I’m very proud of you . Those are the list days when teachers could correct you and discipline you only to hope you would fulfill
    your gifts. God Bless that woman for something in me I didn’t see myself . One of a kind !

  20. Jean made a huge difference in my life. God blessed me when our paths crossed for many years. She will forever be in my heart. Sharon McDonald

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