James Lee Rainey and Joy Ann Cox Rainey

James Lee Rainey

Joy Ann Cox Rainey

James Lee Rainey passed away on Sept. 23, 2021. He was born in Fort Worth, Texas June 17, 1932.

Joy Ann Cox Rainey passed away on Dec. 16, 2021. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas June 17, 1932.

They were introduced by a family member at about 13 years of age. They met again sometime later, and at the age of 18 were married on Sept.29, 1950.

James was known as Sonny or Jim depending on where he was working or family and friends.

They began their wedded life with James working for the Santa Fe Railroad and Joy working as a secretary in Fort Worth. Soon the United States Army called and they were off to spend two years with Uncle Sam.

After his service, they returned to Fort Worth, and he went back to work for The Santa Fe Railroad and Joy continued her secretary work. They had one child, a boy, Kenneth Wayne Rainey born in 1955. They continued to live in Fort Worth until 1966 when Santa Fe transferred him to Temple, Texas. From there in 1970 he was transferred to Belen, New Mexico. In 1976, another transfer moved him to Amarillo, Texas where they found their home for the next 42 years.

Jim retired from the Santa Railroad in 1990. Joy had retired a little earlier when they moved to Amarillo.

In Jim and Joy’s spare time they traveled in their motorhome all over the United States. He enjoyed entertaining family and friends with his guitar and singing with Joy listening by his side. He enjoyed metal detecting in the water and on land.

Joy enjoyed bowling in leagues and playing bridge (at one time she was in several bridge clubs). Joy had many friends she loved to do things with, and she journaled about her adventures and life with Jim almost every night.

After over 20 years of an active and fulfilling retirement age began to catch up with them. In 2019, they moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico near their son, Kenneth, and his wife Jan. They lived in a senior assisted living facility where Kenneth and Jan could watch over them. They continued to live a good life there mainly because they had each other. They had a wonderful life together of over 70 years!

James passed away peacefully on Sept. 23, 2021, due to vascular complications and dementia issues. He is survived by Kenneth Rainey and wife Jan, a sister Betty Gum, a niece Beverly Doubrade and her family in Kerrville, Texas, a nephew Jerry Gum wife Dana in Socorro, New Mexico, and a sister-in-law Betty June Gumm and family.

Joy passed away less than 2 months and 23 days later peacefully on Dec. 16 ,2021, due to a fall breaking her hip and dementia. She is survived by their son Kenneth Rainey and wife Jan, sister, Barbara Renaude and husband Leo, nephew Kevin Cox and wife Lisa, and family in the Houston, Texas area. They also left behind dear friends and next-door neighbors of 41 years Jerry and Sammie Jo Pack and son, John David Pack.

Since Amarillo was home for them. Jim and Joy’s resting place will be in Amarillo, Texas. Their shared urn will rest in the Chapel at Llano Cemetery.

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  1. I have their old 8mm home movies. Probably not all of them but I have 49 of them. Interesting seeing their family’s films. One of them was taken in Dealey Plaza on the day after JFK’s assassination.

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