Machiko Shinzato


Machiko Shinzato
Machiko Shinzato

Machiko Shinzato passed away at the age of 66 on the morning of May 9th, 2020.

Private family services were held.

She was born in Japan on November 20th, 1953, to her parents Kuniko and Shohide Shinzato. She was a long-time resident of Amarillo, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.

She loved people as much as she loved life and touched so many deeply with her endless generosity. She loved to entertain with her music, crafts, and cooking. She was strong-willed and very determined. She was a hardworking, fun-loving, and deeply caring friend to many. She will live in our hearts forever and will be missed so much.


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  1. Machiko San, what a truly beautiful and bright Spirit you are! You are truly unique. Our hearts are overwhelmed. We will always remember your sense of humor, your hard-hardheadedness,, your willingness to stand-up for your convictions, your sharp wit, kind heart, compassion for others and love for Okinawan music. What a great cook! You are a part of our family, and we love and miss you. May you rest in eternal peace. Love and Prayers, Mitsuko, Jessica and Susan

  2. From the time I’ve known Machiko, she been a strong willed, independent person. She can be a gentle kind person or she can be one tough cookie. If she felt things were unfair or people were treated wrong, she would speak her mind and or stand up for them.

    She was very smart and knowledgeable person about many things. For her elderly friends who weren’t savvy, she will go out of her way to do research to get info. to help them for such things as shopping, best product, price and help finding the best services they needed like dentist or acupuncture.

    Many times she would mention how much she enjoy working. She was definitely a very hard worker, who took great pride in her work. In her many different career venture, she always challenged herself to do the best she can.

    One of her best quality, that was genuine Machiko was her good nature heart to care for others. She was never selfish, and always tried to help people and friends. She respected her parents for the values that they taught her. To be kind and good to others.

    She truly was a remarkable person who inspired me to be strong as she was and to live life to the fullest.

    I know, she missed her parents and would talk about them a lot. Deep down in my heart, I pray she will find peace and comfort to be with them again.

    Thank you Machiko, for being a good, wonderful friend to both, my mother and I. I will always cherish our friendship and memories. I will miss you my dear friend.

  3. Machiko was a sweetheart, heaven gained an angel. She was so kind with my mom and encouraged her to go out for walks. Thank you Machiko for being a part of our lives.

  4. There are many things I’d like to say about Machiko, but words don’t seem like enough.
    Machiko was an amazing person, genuine and full of life. Machiko is celebrated by those of us fortunate enough to have called her family.
    She was my second mother and though my heart aches at her passing, I am comforted in the fact she is free from pain. I will forever miss you, and love you always, Machiko.

  5. Machiko was more than my friend, she was my sister, she loved my children and grandson as her own. Machiko had a very big and pure heart, she was a strong, and very hard worker, when she gave her friendship she gave it without condition. She was very loved by many people. I miss her a lot, she is now with gdp parents, I know she is in a better place. My God please bless Machiko now that you call her by your side to have one more Angel in heaven. I love you so much my little sister.

  6. She was always full of energy, spirit and joy. She had a positive vibe that was infectious. We miss her deeply. She will always be a part of our family. She is loved and missed

  7. Dear friend who was kind, generous, and sincere. We had tons of laughs. She will always have a special place in my heart. Lots of good memories.

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